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How To Fix Tennis Elbow in 3 Simple Steps

Jul 26, 2022

Do you suffer from Tennis Elbow? This common injury can be very painful and debilitating. In this blog post, we will discuss three simple steps that you can take to help fix the problem. We will also provide tips on preventing Tennis Elbow from happening in the first place. Follow these steps, and you should start to feel relief from your symptoms in no time!


I'm going to show you a three-step process to help alleviate that pain and fix it in the long run, but always make sure you check out with a medical professional first this is just advice, and hopefully, it helps.


Step 1: Self-Massage

Let's begin with the extensor muscles that we'll be massaging. These muscles attach to the elbow, where many people experience pain; as a result, these can sometimes become overworked. Getting a self-massage or receiving a massage will be very beneficial for this.


So the first thing I'm going to do is use the base here, so I have a massage ball, and then I'm going to place my forearm right on top. I'm going to go up and down the forearm. I'm going to go a little bit higher, go up and down. Then I'm going to press down with my other arm and then flex and extend the wrist just like that. When flexing and extending the wrist, the extensors contract and stretch out, so we get a little active movement in there, too, while we loosen it up.


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Step 2: Stretch

Step number two will be stretching out the extensors so that we will do a straightforward stretch. We can do it seated. We'll bring your arm straight out in front of you. We will flex the wrist and slowly pull on the hand. You should feel a gentle stretch in your extensor muscles, the forearm muscles on this side. Make sure you're not pulling too hard. You don't want it to be uncomfortable. You want to feel just enough stretch. Hold this for about 30 seconds, and if 30 seconds is too much, maybe you do 10 seconds, and then you kind of wiggle it out a little bit and then go back in for another 10 seconds. Let's do about 30 seconds total.


Step 3: Strengthen


The last and third part of fixing tennis elbow is strengthening the forearm. We did the self-massage and stretching that should give you some instant relief, but we want to make this a long-term solution, so you'll have to strengthen the forearm as well, so we're going to do two strength exercises.


We are going to use just a nice light dumbbell. We are going to do some wrist extensions, and we're going to grab a dumbbell. Let's run through some reps, so we're going to let that stretch out, and then we'll curl up that way, bring it down, get a good stretch there and bring it back up. This will help strengthen those extensor muscles, so, in the long run, this will be a little bit stronger. Maybe you won't get as much discomfort with your activities. We're building capacity in this area. Three sets of 10 reps make sure it's not too difficult but also not too easy.


The other thing we need to do is we need to do some rotation with the forearm so we can do it with a dumbbell but i find it easier if we have some sort of stick and i have a dowel here and if you don't have a dowel a broomstick a golf club anything where it's a little bit easier to grip and what i like to do is here i like to grip here the closer to the middle you are the easier it's going to be but if you want a little bit of resistance we're going to go here and then we're going to drop that dowel towards the inside to about parallel and then we're going to bring it back up to vertical just like this Now we're working on again these extensor muscles and strengthening in a different plane of motion so we're not flexing extending now we're rotating to covering all the motions so just like this and same as our flexion extension movement we're going to do about 10 reps three sets make sure it's not too hard but not too easy just enough amount of difficulty so again here this is a little bit more resistance the closer you get to the end whoa just like that if you need to make it a little bit easier you bring it a little bit closer to the middle and that's it for the tennis elbow three-step process.

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