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Discover the high-profile sports professionals utilizing Joe Yoon's specialized massage therapy services.

"What makes Joe one of the best in stretches & muscle release, is that not only does he do a great job; he teaches his clients as well!"


(2017-2021 retired) 

ūü•á¬†1x Olympic Gold Medalist¬†(5 Total Medals)

ūü•á¬†4x World Champion¬†¬†(10 Total Medals)


Here's a sample of what your session can look like:


Athletes I've Supported Over the Years ‚Üď

Justin Gatlin

Sprinter, 100m Olympic Gold and World Champion Sprinter

Grant Hill

Basketball, NBA Hall of Famer & Businessman

Aaron Brown

Sprinter, Olympian and World Champion 4x100 (Team Canada)

Haha Clinton-Dix

Football, NFL Pro Bowler

Matt Milano

Football, NFL Linebacker

Bruce Irvin

Football, NFL Superbowl Champion

CJ Gardner-Johnson

Football, NFL Defensive Back

Cortland Sutton

Football, NFL Wide Reciever

Nethaneel Mitchell-Blake

Sprinter, World Champion 4x100 (Team Great Britain)

Kirani James

Track, 400m Olympic Gold Medalists & World Champion

Sha'Carri Richardson

Sprinter, 100m World Champion

Damarious Randall

Football, NFL Safety

Curtis Riley

Football, NFL Safety

Beatriz Recari

Golf, 3-Time LPGA Tour Winner

Maria Fassi

Golf, LPGA Tour

Mondo DuPlantis

Pole Vault, Olympic Gold & World Champion

Hey, My name is Joe Yoon ūüĎ謆

I'm a Sports Massage Therapist with a background in strength & mobility training. I use over a decade of experience to help support my athletes to get the most out of their training & recovery.


Here's What I CAN 

Do For You ūüĎć


1. Improve Range of Motion

My massage techniques are designed to target key muscle groups, effectively improving your range of motion and flexibility.


 2. Accelerate Recovery Time 

My specialized techniques facilitate quicker muscle recovery, allowing you to return to your training regimen faster.


3. Relieve Muscular Pain and Discomfort

Through targeted massage, I can pinpoint and alleviate the muscular issues causing you pain.



Here's What I CAN'T 

Do For You ūüĎé


1. Early Rehab from Surgery 

If you're recovering from surgery‚ÄĒbe it ACL, shoulder, hip, etc.‚ÄĒI can play a role in certain stages of your rehabilitation. However, you're most likely in need of a specialized Physical Therapist for comprehensive rehab treatment.

 2. Spa-type Massage 

While spa massages are wonderful for relaxation, my focus is on therapeutic and sports massage techniques aimed at solving specific problems. If you're looking for a purely spa-like experience, I may not be the best fit for you.


3. Treat Complex Medical Issues 

If you're dealing with complex or serious medical issues such as chronic diseases, neurological disorders, or severe acute injuries, it's crucial to consult a medical professional or specialist for diagnosis and treatment. While massage therapy can complement medical treatments, it is not a substitute for specialized medical care.


Travel Event Athlete Support


I understand the demands of professional sports and the crucial role that on-site support plays in an athlete's performance.


That's why I offer personalized travel support services to athletes competing domestic or internationally. I have worked with elite athletes during competitions in London, the Czech Republic, Qatar, the Caribbean, California, and beyond.

Services Include:

- Pre-event preparation
- Post-event recovery
- Ongoing support during events



Booking Information:
For more details on booking, please contact me a [email protected]

Location: The Draft Academy (Orlando, FL)

7307 Sandscove Ct #11, Winter Park, FL 32792

Approx. 25 mins North East of Downtown Orlando and 10 mins West of University of Central Florida (UCF) 

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