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Hi, I'm Joe Yoon 👋

You might know me as @joetherapy, where I share all sorts of stretching and mobility tips. As a personal trainer and sports massage therapist, I've helped millions, from everyday folks to world-class athletes, live life without limits. And guess what? I'm here to help you do the same!

Redefining Flexibility & Mobility

Explore a Fresh Perspective to Achieving YOUR Optimal Mobility




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For a decade, I've been guiding thousands of clients, both in-person and online, to improve their body movement and live life without limitations.

Joetherapy helps you Move Better & Feel Your Best at Home with Minimal Equipment

Cassi S.

Happy Program Participant

Since doing these stretches, my lower back and hip pain have dramatically decreased. I used to struggle getting up from a chair, but now I know how to decrease my pain and improve my mobility!

Melizza A.

Happy Program Participant

After just one week of stretching, I could touch my toes for the first time in decades! I now realize how important stretching is in my fitness routine.

Trish E.

Happy Program Participant

The program motivated me to move daily and showed results with minimal time. Now, I'm aware of when my body stiffens and have the tools to counteract it!

Life is short. Feel good doing it.

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