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I'm Joe Yoon and Massage Therapist and Personal Trainer, and author of Better Stretching.

You might know me better as @joetherapy on social media platforms like Instagram, where I share quick stretching and mobility tips!

I also work as a Sports Massage Therapist and am trusted by the best athletes in the world including an Olympic 100m Sprint Gold Medalist and multiple NFL stars.

The ultimate goal for me is to get every(wo)man to move the way they should, so you can do what you love ❤️

If this is your first time hearing about me, welcome and nice to meet you!!


The stretching routine you won't skip!



How People With All Different Goals Benefit From the Joetherapy Way 😃



"The older I get, the more I realize if you're not using all of your muscle groups you soon lose the flexibility and ability to use those muscles as well. Also, I'm a runner. It's useful for everybody. I can't see anybody not benefitting."



"10-15 mins a day of work and I've seen a significant improvement in my mobility. I'm pain-free from tight muscles. I move better and feel better which has led me to a better quality of life!".

Cassi S.

I have seen a dramatic decrease in my lower back and hip pain since doing these stretches. Honestly I just assumed I was stricken with osteoarthritis and my fate was sealed. I mean I was having difficulty at times getting up from a chair and walking...l'm so thankful I did this because I know now how to help myself. How to decrease my pain and improve my mobility!

Melizza A.

I was amazed at how after one week of stretching, I could actually touch my toes. (I think the last time I was able to do that was 3 decades ago!) Stretching for me has always been an afterthought in my fitness routine but I now realize how the two are integrally related.

Trish E.

The program was a great motivator to move my body a little every day. I was impressed that I saw results with minimal time commitment. I'm much more cognizant of times when my body starts to stiffen up, and I now have the tools to counteract it!