Life is Short.

Move Like You Should,

Do What You Love 💯

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Are you starting to feel aches you never had, doing things you always have?


Like spending a couple of hours on your laptop working, bending over to tie your shoes, or cleaning the garage on a Sunday afternoon 😑


The daily activities are wreaking havoc on your body, and you're starting to feel it!


In a few minutes a day, Better Stretching On Demand can guide you to become more flexible, recover easier, and feel happier in your body!

Wouldn't it be amazing if you could feel better doing all of the activities you love?


I get it, stretching and mobility exercises can be boring!


You rather do something more active like a new workout you saw online, going for a bike ride, or playing with your kid at the park.


Let's not forget the time commitment.


Who has time to stretch when you have back to back zoom calls?


But do you know what's awesome? Feeling great and doing all the things you love!


If you don't do a tiny bit every day your body is going to pay the price in the next couple of years.


Developing a solid flexibility and mobility foundation will help you participate in all aspects of life to the fullest and keep you feeling great.


I'm here to help! - Joe

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My 3-Step Method to Feeling Awesome 😃 

1. Learn

Learn effective and easy ways to start loosening up the areas where you feel tightness.


2. Move

Take a few minutes a day to practice some simple yet game-changing static and dynamic movements. 


3. Get Loose

Feel less tight, more flexible, and fully capable of doing all the stuff you like to do (without paying for it later). 


Here's what you get👇

The New 3-Stretch Process!

Feeling tight all the time? Discomfort from sitting at a desk all day? This new 3-Stretch Process can help! This 5-minute stretching routine can be customized to everyone, and it only takes a few minutes each day to move better and feel better.

The Weekly Routine

Looking to shake up your routine? The Weekly Routine is here to help! New Stretches updated every week and over 250 routines to keep you feeling 100%

Routine Sample 👇


Bonus Classes ($100 value)


“The Better Stretching class will not only leave you feeling more mobile but you'll be surprised how rejuvenated you will feel after this.”


“Sometimes you need to reset your body for the next workout, this routine has been perfect for active rest days! ”


"Need specific attention on a body part? Check out the Video Library!"

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These people's lives were transformed by their newfound flexibility 🙌

Cassi S.

I have seen a dramatic decrease in my lower back and hip pain since doing these stretches. I mean I was having difficulty at times getting up from a chair and walking...l'm so thankful I did this! 

Melizza A.

I was amazed at how after one week of stretching, I could actually touch my toes. Stretching for me has always been an afterthought in my fitness routine but I now realize how the two are integrally related.

Trish E.

The program was a great motivator to move my body a little every day. I was impressed that I saw results with minimal time commitment. I'm much more cognizant of times when my body starts to stiffen up, and I now have the tools to counteract it!

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