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Stop Pushing Through Pain: The Workout Secret You're Missing

pain Jul 11, 2023

Read time: 2 minutes

Today, we're going to dive into a topic that's crucial for anyone involved in fitness – the concept of exercise regression. This concept matters to you, yes you, who's reading this, because it holds the secret to achieving your fitness goals without unnecessary discomfort or risk of injury.


Most people trip up because they stubbornly try to push through discomfort during exercise, assuming it's part of the process. It isn't. Or at least it doesn't have to be.


Don't Push Through the Pain, Step Back

Exercise regression is not about quitting or admitting defeat. Quite the contrary. It's a strategic decision to adjust a movement or routine to better match your current level of fitness, reduce discomfort, and decrease the risk of injury.


This video demonstrates the following factors that go into regressing your exercises ↓


Here's Your Game Plan

Exercise regression is an art that can make your fitness journey safer, more manageable, and ultimately more successful. Here's how to start incorporating it into your routine:



Consider reducing the weight you're lifting or the resistance you're working against. A lower load can enable you to perform exercises with better form and less discomfort.


Technique and Using Assistance like a Band:

If you're struggling with a movement, try using assistance tools like resistance bands or modify the technique. These changes can make the exercise more manageable while you build your strength and proficiency.


Range of Motion:

Don't feel compelled to match the depth or breadth of others' movements. Instead, limit your range of motion to a level that feels comfortable and safe for you, then gradually extend it as you gain flexibility and strength.


So next time you're in the middle of a workout and you feel discomfort, remember this: you have options. Exercise regression is a tool in your toolbox. Use it. It's the smart, respectful way to treat your body. After all, fitness is a marathon, not a sprint. See you on the track!



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